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Read: Isaiah 42:1-9

What can we expect of this man from Nazareth?

Every semester, faculty lay out the syllabus of assignments and expectations from now until the end of the term. Readings will be done by Friday, exams will be given each month, and papers will be submitted. The students who read the syllabus know what to expect. Compassionate faculty also knows that when students experience loss or sickness or heartache, they can use their power to extend a hand and a listening ear, or advocate within the academic system for justice.

The prophet Isaiah foretold the authority and attributes of the Servant. We have heard from the Lord what can be expected from this Servant: he will not quench the dimly burning wick, he will bring forth peace, and he will not be crushed. And in that authority given by the God who stretched out heavens themselves, this Servant has called you and taken you by the hand and kept you as a Covenant people to give sight to the blind, and free the hidden from darkness. The nature of the Servant’s compassion fulfills with authority what has been promised. See? The things foretold have come to pass and you can trust that the new things will also spring forth, just as he said.

How gracious is our God who, with authority, sent his Servant Jesus with credentials that promised a just, yet gentle king, that delights the heart of God.

Prayer: Jesus, we hear your promises given with authority and watch their fulfillment, even while receiving the compassion of your outstretched hand. Thank you, Lord.

[photo devotional: “A Forest of Attributes,” David Wenell]

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Read: Isaiah 49:1-7

Who is this man from Nazareth?

In campus ministry, we desire to welcome every corner of campus and we pray for students and faculty that not only participate but are missional in pursuing Jesus—like Kathy and Katlynn, who are confident in their identity in Christ and clear on their gracious and intentional engagement of their colleagues. They love with intention and long to reflect Jesus in class, lab, and committees so that others will see and seek Christ.

Confident in his identity and his call even from before he was born, Jesus stretched out to gather not only God’s people but also to the end of the earth. He is one who labors, raises up, restores, reaches out, and is faithful. He was also spent, despised, abhorred, and used by rulers… and yet, Kings shall see and princes bow, because the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, chose him.

Prayer: Jesus, since the beginning, you have been and will be. Graft us into your gracious confidence as Son of God so that we are unshakable, unthreatened even in tumultuous circumstances.


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