Read: Matthew 21:1-11

Our festival week begins and ends in the narratives of Matthew, and in between we hear from Isaiah’s foretelling of God’s servant and the intimate lessons of Jesus for his closest circle of people.

Our university recently welcomed an interim president. The reception was crowded, the applause loud, and the anticipation palpable—we had read his bio, and listened to his speech—change was coming but would jobs change, mission shift, new ideas born, or morale lifted? Who is this?

The march into the city, signaled by the calling for a young colt in the context of the yearly festival, set a tone that the accompanying crowds recognized with shouts of excitement, “Hosanna!” The question of the city in turmoil is partly a question of identity but perhaps more, “What does this Jesus mean for me? and what can we expect of this man from Nazareth?”

Prayer: Jesus, we want to know who you are. Today we shout Hosanna, and also desire to see more clearly this week who you are and what you mean for us. Amen.

[photo devotional: “who’s donkey” by Cathy Stanley Erickson]


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